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Current Status: No known Issues

Date Issue Status
26/08/2022 Our Core Harbour Exchange Switch is still not allowing config changes to be committed. At this point this is not causing any network issues.  However this is obviously causing a risk and it means that we cannot provision new services on it. The errors mean there is a risk of an unexpected failure.

We have a replacement switch from the vendor which is being pre-configured during the day today

Later this evening we will swap the switch chassis from the old to the new one, This will cause some network disruption as traffic re-converges. While the switch is down services terminating in Harbour Exchange will be down.

We anticipate the outage to be approx. 30-60 minutes

We are sorry for this short notice, however we wanted to ensure the issue was resolved before any customer facing issues occurred

10/07/2022 Following the recent issue on our core switch issue – our switch vendor has asked us to urgently upgrade the firmware version on our Juniper switches to a new release they have provided us to clear a bug located through their investigations.

Due to the potential of a repeat of the previous issue we are performing the upgrade this evening to ensure there is no impact on service this coming week and to ensure the service is stable and with full resilience for the week.

In normal circumstances this would be performed out of hours / however to ensure that we have the resources available should any unexpected issues occur we are performing these upgrades through this evening meaning that IF we need to reboot / upgrade the core routers we can perform this later.

The customer affect of this work will be a short period of packet loss when the affected switch reloads with the latest version of the firmware – there may be a small number of sorter periods of packet loss when other (not directly connected) switches reboot.

We anticipate the switch work will complete in the next 20 minutes.

11/04/2022 We will be re-balancing the network this evening after the upgrade work which has now completed.

This will only affect some customer, and will result is a very short drop and re-connect.

07/04/2022 Switch Upgrades – Telehouse 7/4/22 22:00 – 9/4/22 6:00

We are planning to replace our Juniper EX Series core switches in Telehouse with a newer more powerful model to allow for network growth and increased stability.

We are currently planning on working on the first two sites in Telehouse on Thursday 7th April,  we will be working on one site at a time. During the work services will be at risk and access to directly connected connected servers and routers will be affected. Switches will be pre-configured and we hope that the outage per site will not exceed 2 hours.

Once we are happy that all work on one site is complete and the network is stable we will then work on the second site.

In most cases services connected will move to an alternative site

** Update April 8th 20:35 **

Most of the work is now completed.

We have one more switch to update in HEX, this will be performed on Sat 9th.

One of our switches in Telehouse North is reporting errors and is causing routing to toggle between two routes which is causing some latency issues etc.

Under recommendation from our vendor we will reboot the routing engine between 10pm and midnight this evening.

This will affect customers directly connected and will mean that some Broadband customers who terminate in Telehouse may see their connection drop and re-connect to an alternative LNS

18/10/2021 Our txt service is currently out of service.  To contract support please call us on 0116 274 7360 or email us at
27/09/2021 We are aware of a Fibre Outage at the Hove, East Sussex, Exchange.  This is affected a small amount of customers in the Brighton and Hove Area.

It is a high priority incident and we will update this notification when we receive an update from the Exchange.
26/09/2021 We are aware of some issues routing to some destinations.

Engineers are investigating and working to a resolution.
07/09/2021 We are aware of two short network drops on the morning of 4th Sep – one approx 3am and another approx 7am. One of our upstream Transit providers had a planned maintenance overnight which was due to affect one of our links.

However rather than fail over within their network – during the works for some reason this lead to them not passing the traffic correctly to our backup port.

Following on from the issue seen over the weekend the Transit provider involved wishes to perform some network testing to diagnose the cause on 9/9/2021 22:00 – 23:30

This will involve them shutting down one of their feeds to us and seeing if the issue re-occurs – and if it does trouble shooting the ultimate cause.

In theory other than customers seeing a change in routing at the time – there should be no impact. However if the issue re-occurs then there may be a few short issues with some sites being unreachable.
03/08/2021 UPDATE 16:30

All services, including VPN, VOIP, Gaming and 'Streaming providers' appear to now be stable and running on the new upstream routes.

If you are seeing any specific issues please email with FULL details, eg the type of service or if a website the full URL.

We will leave this incident open until Monday while we monitor and continue to test the new upstream.

UPDATE 06/08/2021 12:15

Our upstream link has now been stable since yesterday afternoon and our technical team are continuing to implement the routing changes. Websites and emails should all be working normally, however, we are still applying routing for some VPN, VOIP and other special services (e.g gaming platforms and some streaming providers) and this should be completed during the day.

UPDATE 05/08/2021 09:39

We have now implemented the new transit routes and are currently testing.

UPDATE 14:38

There are still some issues with some websites.  You may also have issues with VOIP and VPN services.

UPDATE 04/08/2021 11:56

We are still experiencing some routing issues with one upstream provider.

Please check here before raising a ticket or calling the office.

UPDATE: 19:58
Currently most routes are looking good, although some customers are still experiencing issues.  We have NOT had confirmation that the issue is resolved but if you are still having issues it may be worth restarting your router and all connected devices. 

We will update this page when we receive more information.

UPDATE: 18:04
Good evening. We are are working with the senior teams at the up-stream provider who have moved a large amount of the traffic that was being affected away from the routes. We are seeing improvements in the situation but we are also aware that some of our customers are still impacted

Unfortunately we have an issue with our upstream transit providers. We are dealing with this as quickly as we can.

We were told this had been resolved but are actively working with them to understand why this had recurred and mitigate the cause. Our sincere apologies.
19/04/2021 Data Centre Upgrade.  We are upgrading the firmware in our core routers tonight and install addition fibre links in Tele-House.  The maintenance window is 22:00 to Midnight, there may be some drops in service during this procedure.
19/04/2021 We have been informed of Essential Maintenance being performed by one of our Transit Carriers today.  This may affect some users resulting in intermittent connections and loss of speed.

Hopefully this work will be completed within the next 24 hours.
16/04/2021 The changes we have made may need a new profile for your line, if you are having issues with slow web page loading or app downloading then please power your router of for approx one minute then back on again. (DO Not RESET your router, just power it off and then on)
14/04/2021 We have implemented a new DDoS protection solution, it is 'live' and we are monitoring its performance.  Traffic appears to be calm at the moment.
13/04/2021 We are currently seeing a new, large-scale DDoS attack against our IP range. We are working to mitigate this but some services are being affected, with packet loss, routing failures or intermittent outages. Some email delivery will be queued until this is resolved.
08/02/2021 ** Update at 10:42am) **
A faulty power unit was found and replaced.  All services now restored.

Authentication Outage.  We are aware that some users are having issues authenticating resulting in no broadband.  We are aware of the issue and engineers are investigating.
22/09/2020 ** Update **
The card was replaced at 2am this morning. If you are not connected please power your router off for 20 minutes, then back on.

** Update 24/09/2020 **
The Data Centre has received the replacement card to resolve the issue, this is being installed overnight and we expect this to be tested and active by 25/9/2020

** 22/09/2020**
There is an Outage at Telehouse North that is affecting one of our interconnects to one of our carriers.  All connections will re-route through our secondary interconnect but there may be a small reduction in bandwidth as we normally balance our connections over both routes for optimum performance.

If you are not connected please power your router off for 20 minutes, then back on, this should then re-route your connection.

15/07/2020 As part of a upgrade from multiple 1G Interconnects to multiple 10G Interconnects one of our wholesale supplier will be swapping the optics on two of our links to them during the day on 15th July.

We will be doing our best to move sessions away from the link being worked on – however some customers may see one or two brief PPP drops as the optics are swapped and the link brought back as a 10G Link

Note this does not affect all broadband services. We apologise for this being during the day however we are limited by the supplier to the times available to perform this.

We anticipate the drops being between 10:30am and 2pm. However as mentioned all connections should automatically fail over to an alternative interconnect and re-connect within seconds. If your router does not auto connect please perform a full reboot and if that fails – contact support via the normal routes.
03/04/2019 There is a Major outage on the Vodafone Network, this is affecting a number of our customers.  We will update this page as we find our more.

10:30am Vodafone have informed us that this issue is now resolved
16/02/19 to 17/02/19 We will be upgrading some of our core routers that terminate broadband sessions during the course of the weekend - each will be down for less than 30 seconds for an important firmware upgrade. These will be staggered over the two days. Most affected customers will reconnect within seconds automatically.

If you have any issues please DO NOT press the 'reset' button on your router.  Just turn the router off for about 30 seconds then back on again.
21/10/19 One of our carriers in Docklands at Telehouse North, through which we route traffic, has a maintenance event from around 12 noon today.  This could have an impact on our traffic.  If you experience any downtime please just leave your router on and your connectivity will re-establish itself. Resolved
12/09/2018 There is an outage on the Vodafone Network that is affecting a number of our customers.
We have been informed that this has been escalated to high importance and will be resolved ASAP.
We will update this page if we have any further information.

20:00  The issue appears to have been resolved.  Some users may need to re-boot their routers if they are not back on line.
26/08/18 Reported by one of our carriers, this had a knock on effect on our network:

"Our monitoring detected intermittent invalid data being reported from our core MPLS device in Telehouse East. Upon investigation, it was found the MPLS process was operating with excessive memory and the device was in low memory state.

This was resolved at 18:40 by restarting the affected process, which it is thought would have impacted traffic for up to 60 seconds. Reporting had now returned to normal."
25/05/18 19:25 One of our suppliers had a brief outage in Telehouse East, this was resolved within 10 minutes and all systems are working correctly. Resolved
21/02/18 23:00 There appears to be some areas affected by an outage with one of our suppliers
resulting in a loss of connectivity for some users.
We are monitoring and will update once we have any further information.
22/01/18 00:41 Most connections are now restored.  Please re-boot your router if
your connection is not back up.
14/02/18 We are aware of an issue affecting some broadband circuits. We have discovered
a load balancing issue resulting in a slow down of throughput.  Our engineers are
Currently working on a resolution.
4/12/17 Maintenance work was completed as this took longer than expected we are
sorry for any inconvenience.  If you have no connection you may have to restart
your router.
3/12/17 Major Maintenence taking place, connections may drop for a shot period.
This work will be completed by 6pm.  
17/11/17 Outage at Letchworth affecting multiple connections in the Cambridge area
24/9/17 Some connections dropped at 17:15 this evening.  
This is a nation-wide issue with one of our carriers.  
They have engineers working on this.  
If you are affected please check this page for updates

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